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International Committee

Over the past two years (2009-2011) the International Committee of the Entrepreneurship division has performed three main activities. First, members of the Committee were actively involved in setting up the division's Ambassadors Program. This program is meant to extend the reach of the division's activities internationally by identifying an Ambassador in each of the countries represented in the ENT division. Besides volunteering to be Ambassodors in their own country, Comittee members leveraged their professional network to identify Ambassadors in several other countries.

Second, International Committee members and newly identified Ambassadors contributed to advance a joint project--the Global Entrepreneurship Casebook, a collection of entrepreneurship cases on international entrepreneurship that will be issued by an international publisher. Third, the Committee set up two social activities in each of the two past AoM meetings. In 2010 the Committee hosted an informal social gathering of the newly appointed division Ambassadors, in which the aims of the Ambassadors program, and the outline of the Global Casebook project were discussed. In 2011 the Committee hosted a PDW specifically aimed at advancing the Casebook project by discussing and providing constructive feedback and guidelines on the draft cases submitted by the Ambassadors in advance of the AoM meeting. Over the next year Committee Members and Ambassadors will finalize the Global Casebook, and gradually develop new ideas for future international joint projects.