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About the Membership Committee

Take this short quiz, based on the results of the Oct 2011 membership survey, to find out what you already know and/or might be surprised to learn about ENT...


1) The ENT Division has over 2700 members worldwide. T / F

2) In recent years, approximately 400 new members joined ENT per annum. T / F

3) Almost 45% of ENT members reside outside of North America. T / F

4) About 25% of ENT members are students. T / F

5) More than 80% of the survey respondents consider ENT to be their primary division. T / F

6) Almost 50% indicated that they attend the AoM Meetings pretty much every year (even if not on the program). T / F

7) Over 60% reported serving as a reviewer for the AoM Meetings at least a few times during the past five years. T / F

8) More than 90% indicated that they are satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied with the ENT Division. T / F


As you probably suspect by now, all of the answers are TRUE.


Over the past five years, membership in the ENT Division rose by almost 25%, more than double that for the AoM as a whole. As a result, we are now the 6th largest division in the Academy. Yet despite our increased size, ENT members remain highly attached, engaged and satisfied with the division.


For more detailed results from the recent membership survey and five-year review, stay tuned for Division Chair Mike Wright