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Newsletter Call for Submissions (Fall 2004)


Newsletter Call for Submissions (Fall 2004)

Submission Deadline:   November 14, 2003

Now is the time to send in material for the fall newsletter.

For example, we want to know what our members have been up to this year so we can include it in our roundup of member accomplishments. It's the beginning of the school year -- take a minute to pat yourselves (or someone else) on the back. Won an award? Written a book? Got a promotion? Done something really cool? Let us know. We like to brag on our members. And if you don't want to brag on yourself, brag on someone else.

Also, if you know of any relevant conferences or calls for papers or job openings that might be of interest to our members, let me know.

Do you have any book recommendations or other ideas that might be of interest to those teaching or doing research in this area?

Finally, as this newsletter is going to come out right before Thanksgiving, (I know, it's an American holiday -- but we can be inclusively thankful, can't we?!) I thought we might want to take a minute to think of some of the people, events, or things for which we are truly thankful. If you'd like to share these with the GDO membership, let me know. I'd love to include a list of things for which we are thankful in this pre-Thanksgiving fall newsletter. Just remember to be positive -- no "I'm thankful I'm not as stupid as so-and-so" submissions will be accepted!

Any other suggestions or ideas would certainly be appreciated.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 14.

Thank you for your help.


Contact person

Liz Weatherly
(256) 824-6973


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