The Saroj Parasuraman Award for Outstanding Publication on Gender and Diversity



Winners 2011


David R. Hekman, Karl Aquino, Bradley P. Owens, Terence R. Mitchell, Pauline Schilpzand and Keith Leavitt
for "An examination of whether and how racial and gender biases influence customer satisfaction."


Parasuraman winners



In the photo, from left to right: Terry Mitchell, David Kravitz (GDO Division Chair), Pauline Schilpzand, David Hekman and Patrick McKay (Award Committee Chair).
Not Pictured: Keith Leavitt, Bradley Owens and Karl Aquino.


Runners up:

Aparna Joshi, John C. Dencker, Gentz Franz and Joseph J Martocchio for "Unpacking generational identities in organizations."

Elisabeth Kelan andn Rachel Dunckley Jones
for "Gender and the MBA."




Past Recipients

2011 David R. Hekman, Karl Aquino, Bradley P. Owens, Terence R. Mitchell, Pauline Schilpzand and Keith Leavitt:
"An examination of whether and how racial and gender biases influence customer satisfaction." 
2010  Aparna Joshi and Jyuntak Roh:
 "The role of context in work team diversity."
2009  Lars-Eric Petersen and Jorge Dietz:
 "Employment Discrimination: Authority Figures' Demographic Preferences and Followers' Affective Organizational Commitment."

Patrick McKay, Derek Avery and Mark Morris:
 "Mean Racial-Ethnic Differences in Employee Sales Performance: The Moderating Role of Diversity Climate."

David Harrison and Katherine Klein: 
"What's the difference?  Diversity constructs as separation, variety, or disparity in organizations."

Past Committees

2011 Patrick F. McKay (chair), Jennifer Berdahl, Kathleen Campbell, Olivia O'Neill, Mustafa Ozibiligin and Amy Randel
2010 David Kravitz (chair), Judith Clair, Jorg Dietz, Lars-Eric Petersen, Susan Vinnicombe
2008 Quinetta Roberson (chair), David Harrison, Katherine Klein, Belle Rose Ragins, Hannah Riley-Bowles


The GDO Division is currently inviting nominations for the 2012 Saroj Parasuraman Award for the Outstanding Publication on Gender and Diversity.  This annual award, honoring Saroj Parasuraman, is given to the author(s) of the publication in a refereed journal judged to have the highest potential to significantly impact our understanding of gender and diversity within organizations. 


Only publications with a 2011 publication date will be considered.  Publications having multiple authors are acceptable.

Criteria for evaluation of publications include: 


  • the degree to which the research addresses a phenomenon that is of significance to research in gender and diversity
  • the potential impact or significance of the publication on gender and diversity in organizations
  • the degree to which the research displays technical adequacy, including issues of internal validity, external validity, appropriate methodology, appropriae statistical analysis, and comprehensiveness of review (if the publication is a literature review).


Nominations may be made by any member of the Academy of Management.  The Award Subcommittee may also generate nominations. Those evaluating the publications will be blind to the source of the nomination.


Nominations must be submitted online.  Publications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the GDO division, consisting of at least 3 members.  The subcommittee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee about the award-winning publication and, if appropriate, a publication deserving honorable mention status.  The Executive Committee may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the subcommittee but may not substitute a nominee of its own.  In the absence of a publication that is deemed deserving of the award by both the Awards Subcommittee and the Executive Committee, the award may be withheld.


Please send nominations by email to:
Gwendolyn Combs

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