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Tuesday, 06 October 2015
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The governance bodies of the International Management Division include an Executive Committee (EC), Division Treasurer, and various Division committees.  The Executive Committee is elected by the Division membership at large.  Members are elected for a period of five years progressing through the following positions on the Executive Committee: Division PDW Chair, Division Program Chair, Division Chair Elect, Division Chair, and Immediate-past Division Chair.  Elections for the new member joining the EC are conducted online each Spring.

Members of the Executive Committee in 2014-2015 are: Sea-Jin Chang (Division Chair); Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra  (Division Chair Elect); Jay Anand  (Division Program Chair); Aya Chacar  (Division PDW Chair); and Jennifer Spencer (Immediate-past Division Chair). 

The Division Treasurer is appointed by the Executive Committee for a minimum of two years.  The current Division Treasurer is Malika Richards. 

There are eight Division committees with their respective mandates, responsibilities and activities. They are: (1) Research Committee, (2) Teaching Committee, (3) Communications Committee, (4) Corporate Outreach Committee, (5) Strategy & Eminent Scholar Award Committee, (6) Professional Achievement Award Committee, (7) Doctoral Student Committee, (8) Membership Drive Committee, (9) Social Committee, and (9) Corporate Outreach Committee. All division committee members are volunteers and active members of the IM Division. They are appointed by the Executive Committee for a maximum of three years, with the exception of a few roles where this does not apply due to the unique needs of the role. The Executive Committee encourages division members to volunteer or recommend active members for committee service. To ensure continuity, committee chairs are selected from existing committee members and may serve an additional three-year term in this capacity.