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June 2003



Comments from the 2003 Program Chair
Note from the Professional Development Workshop Chair
Service Project with Local Executives
Proposed Amendments to MOC By-Laws
Cognitions in the Rough Announcement
MOC Elections results

MOC Officer Contact Information


Comments from the Program Chair

By Stephen Mezias, Program Chair

Linda Dunn-Jensen and myself have worked hard to try to ensure that we will have an exciting program at the 2003 Academy of Management meetings in Seattle.  Of course, we represent only the tip of the iceberg of the total work that has led to the creation of this program.  Consider that 116 papers and 15 symposia were submitted for consideration by the division.  One hundred and thirty-two reviewers helped us to evaluate this multitude of submissions in a vast effort spanning the globe.  The list of countries represented by submitters and reviewers is long as indicated by Table 1.

Table 1: Countries represented among submitters and reviewers

Australia Ireland Singapore
Brazil Israel Spain
Canada Italy Sweden
England The Netherlands Switzerland
France New Zealand The United States
Germany Norway  

The overall quality of submissions is epitomized by the six papers that the division will have in the annual proceedings.  Two of these won the division’s prizes: The best student paper  was by Sandra Cha and is entitled “Hypocrisy Attribution in Organizations.”  The best overall paper is by Kyle Lewis, Lynette Rylander Gillis, and Donald A. Lange and is entitled “Who Says You Can’t Take it with You? Transferring Transactive Memory Systems Across Tasks”  I hope that all members of the division will join us for the exciting sessions we have planned as well as our annual business meeting.  Please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed paper, symposia, or your time for reviews.

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Note from the Professional Development Workshop Chair

By Pamela Barr, Past Program Chair

Greetings!  We have an exciting PDW program to offer this year, thanks to those who submitted ideas and who agreed to participate in this year’s activities.  Representing a wide range of interests, this year’s program offers a little something for everyone.  Take the time to review the brief program synopsis offered below, greater detail is provided on the AoM 2003 program website (, and be sure to participate in those that interest you most.

Friday evening opens a two part co-sponsored workshop with RM on Aesthetic Inquiry.  Participants in this interactive workshop, which continues Saturday afternoon, will explore how they might use aesthetic approaches in their research as well as how to engage with aesthetics into organizational practices.

Saturday morning features two workshops on Organizational Identity.  One session, Creating and Managing Organizational Image and Identity is designed to stimulate broad, multidisciplinary thinking and discussion with scholars, practitioners, and students – across management and social science disciplines – around creating and managing organizational image and identity.  The other session, cosponsored with RM, Planning Research on Identity: Issues of Measurement and Design, has as its objective to stimulate discussion and interaction around the topic of designing and implementing research related to identity and identification at the organization and individual levels.

Saturday afternoon offers a session that will be of interest to individuals attracted to research on Entrepreneurial Cognition.  Co-sponsored with ENT, Managerial and Organizational Cognition in an Entrepreneurial Context, will consist of a number of roundtables where individuals who are interested in applying theories of managerial and organizational cognition to entrepreneurial contexts can discuss their research ideas and experiences with one another.  Roundtable topics will center on decision making, cross-cultural cognition, team-based cognition, and creativity and innovation.  Scholars from both MOC and entrepreneurship domains will be on hand at each roundtable to get the discussions started and to lend their expertise.

Another Saturday afternoon session will focus on studying Knowledge.  Addressing the Challenge of Studying Knowledge: Learning from Different Methodological Approaches, is co-sponsored with ODC, OMT and TIM and will focus on the value that different methodological approaches can have in understanding knowledge.

Sunday morning MOC once again offers Cognition in the Rough.  This popular interactive session offers participants the opportunity to discuss their research ideas with scholars who share their research interests.  More information on this workshop, which requires pre-registration, can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Constructing Knowledge: The Academy of Management as a Cultural Industry, is cosponsored with OMT, TIM and ODC, employs short presentations and lively discussion to use a cultural industry lens to examine and explore the processes involved in knowledge production connected with the annual Academy of Management meetings and how these processes shape our careers.

Last but not least, Sunday morning also brings Learning the Art and Craft of Reviewing: Learn from Some of the Best Reviewers.  This session, cosponsored with MED, CM, HCM, OCIS, ONE, PNP, IM, SIM, and CAR, is geared toward doctoral students interested in becoming journal reviewers.  Reviewers and journal editors will speak briefly on the art and craft of reviewing, to be followed by small group discussions centering on how to become good reviewers.

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Service Project with Local Executives

On Saturday morning (Aug 2), Academy members are invited to work alongside local executives on a service project to sort and bag food donated to Northwest Harvest as part of their annual food drive “Let’s Make Summer a Picnic for Everyone.”  The local food drive will be managed in part by Seattle-area businesses, but the AOM also has a part to play.  Specifically, AOM ’03 conferees are invited to bring boxed or canned food to Conference registration.  Note: Customs regulations may preclude this option for international visitors.  To participate in the onsite service project, please contact Barbara Parker, Local Arrangements Chair at

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Academy of Management 
Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division
Proposes Amendments to By-laws

(To be put to Annual Business Meeting, August 3, 2003)

 Article IV, Clause 1

Proposed amendment:  Delete Academy Council Representative from the list of elected officers; add General Representative at Large.

Old: Officers
The elected officers of the Division shall be the Division Past Chair, Chair Elect, Chair, Program Chair, Program Chair Elect, and one General Faculty-at-Large Representatives, one International Faculty-at-Large Representative, one Doctoral Student-at-Large Representative, and one Academy Council Representative. Appointed officers will include the News Update Editor, the Webmaster, and other appointed officers as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

New: Officers
The elected officers of the Division shall be the Division Past Chair, Chair Elect, Chair, Program Chair, Program Chair Elect, and two General Faculty-at-Large Representatives, one International Faculty-at-Large Representative, and one Doctoral Student-at-Large Representative. Appointed officers will include the News Update Editor, the Webmaster, and other appointed officers as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

Reason: The Academy has abolished the Council, so there is no longer a role for Academy Council Representative.  An additional Representative at large is proposed to take the place of the Council Representative.


Article V, Clause 3(b)

Proposed amendment: Include provision for the new Representative at large to be for a one-year term in 2003.

Old: The General and International Representatives at Large shall be elected for a period of three years.

New. The General and International Representatives at Large shall be elected for a period of three years, except in 2003, when one of the General Representatives shall be elected for a period of one year.

Reason: Election of one General Representative for a period of one year in 2003 will insure that, in future, only one faculty representatives (international or General) will come up for be election each year.


Article V, Clause 4(i)

Proposed amendment: Delete role of Academy Council Representative

Old: The Academy Council Representative shall:

1. Attend the Annual Academy Council meeting and report on Division activities to the Council.

2. Prepare a report on the Academy Council meeting to be tabled at the Annual Business Meeting and posted on the Division’s web site.

3. Assume any other responsibilities requested by the Division Chair and/or Executive Committee.

New: (Clause deleted).

Reason: The Academy has abolished the Council, so there is no longer a role for Academy Council Representative.

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Cognitions in the Rough Announcement

It is time to be preparing for the 6TH ANNUAL "COGNITION IN THE ROUGH"

WORKSHOP to be held at the annual Academy of Management Conference in August, 2003

[It] was the best part of the entire conference for me and I went back to my home institution revitalized and armed with a strategy for improving my research that kept me going for the entire ear.  -Workshop participant

Are you working on cognition-related research?

Would you like some help with problem-areas or some general feedback from scholars in the field?

The Cognition in the Rough workshop (CIR) provides an excellent opportunity to discuss research that is in its formative stages in an informal, collegial roundtable setting.with the added benefit of learning about other cutting-edge research!

It was a defining moment in my life as an academic because for the first time I felt connected to a broader academic community.  -Workshop participant

Each roundtable will have 2-3 scholars and 2-3 researchers, allowing plenty of time for discussion.  Once again, we are pleased to have a good turn-out of scholars joining us.  Whether this is your first major research project or your fifth, this is a chance you won't want to miss!

The Cognition in the Rough workshop will award three scholarships of $ 500 each for outstanding proposals submitted to the workshop:

North-American faculty, International (faculty or doctoral) and doctoral (international or domestic).

Sponsored by the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division at the annual Academy of Management meetings in Seattle, WA, the workshop will be held on Sunday, August 3rd from 8:30 AM - 12 PM.

Details on submission can be found below.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

Sucheta Nadkarni University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Marc H. Anderson University of Minnesota
Joe Gerard State University of New York Institute of Technology
Marie Dasborough University of Queensland


Call for Proposals

Academy of Management Conference
Sunday, August 3, 2003
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM  

WHO:  This roundtable is open to all doctoral students and recent graduates (within five years) who are doing research related to managerial and organizational cognition.

WHAT:  Your submission should include the following four sections:

I.         Brief abstract (not to exceed 150 words) and up to four keywords
II.       Overview of research (not to exceed 1500 words)

Research topic
Conceptual framework
Research questions
Anticipated contributions to research/practice
Key findings (if research is complete)

III.      Challenges (the area on which you would like to focus discussion) (not to exceed 250 words)

IV.            References


Submissions due:   June 1, 2003
Send to:
Acceptance notices sent:  July 1, 2003
Workshop:  Sunday, August 3, 2003, 8:30 AM - 12 PM


Fran Ackermann
Elena Antonacopoulou
Neal Ashkanasy
Pam Barr
Michel Bougon
Andrea Casey
Janet Dukerich
Colin Eden
Dov Eden
Marlene Fiol
Bill Glick
Gerard Hodgkinson
George Huber
Lynn Isabella
Gerry Johnson
Steve Mezias
Frances Milliken
Susan Mohammed
Susan Schneider
Majken Schultz
Sim Sitkin
Kathie Sutcliffe
Robert Zmud 

QUESTIONS: Please feel free to contact any of the Cognition in the Rough Coordinators if you have questions.

Sucheta Nadkarni, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln,
Marc H. Anderson, Univ. of Minnesota,
Joe  Gerard, SUNY Institute of Technology,
Marie Dasborough, Univ. of Queensland,

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MOC Elections results

The following persons have been elected to serve as officers of the Division for the next term.

Program Chair Elect (5-year term): Mike Pratt

Representative at large (3-year term): Cindy Emrich

Representative at large (1-year term)*: Stuart Bunderson

Student Representative (2-year term): Marie Dasborough

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MOCD Officer Contact Info

Neal Ashkanasy, Past Chair
University of Queensland, Australia
Phone: +6173656631

Andrea Casey, Chair
George Washington University

Phone: (202) 973-1542

Pamela Barr, Past Program Chair & PDW Chair
Georgia State University

Phone: (404) 651-3400

Stephen Mezias, Program Chair
New York University

Phone: (212) 998-0229

Mary Waller, Program Chair-Elect
Tulane University

Phone: (504) 862-5423

Mark Martinko, Academy Council Representative
Florida State University

(850) 644-7846

Luis Martins, General Faculty at Large Rep
Georgia Tech University

Phone: (404) 894-4366

Gerald Hodgkinson, International Faculty at Large Rep
Leeds University

Phone: 440-1392-264427

Ingrid Ensing, Doctoral Student Rep
Duke University

(919) 660-7902

Leyland M. Lucas, MOCD News Editor
Morgan State University

PHONE: (443) 885-3007 

Andac Arikan, Web Page Manager
New York University

Phone: (212) 998-0387


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Interested in Contributing to MOCD News?

All members are encouraged to send articles, thought pieces, or general news items in addition to any ideas for improving the usefulness of the newsletter. Responses to newsletter articles are also encouraged. The Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division’s Newsletter is published twice yearly, in mid-Fall and mid-Spring. Items for future issues of MOCIG News are welcomed and should be directed to:

Leyland M. Lucas, MOCD News Editor
Earl Graves School of Business & Management,
Morgan State University
1700 East Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251

PHONE: (443) 885-3007





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