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Our January 2014 Newsletter is available.


Our December Newsletter is available.


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We are also on Twitter so follow us @aompnp


AoM 2014 News


Deborah Blackman, Fiona Buick, Stephen Teo and possibly you may be part of this sypomsium submission.  Review it and contact the first two leads with questions.


The division needs your service.  Please sign up to be a reviewer for this year's program.


Review Period:

January 21, 2014 - February 20, 2014

You can sign up to review for up to two (2) divisions and/or interest groups, and you may be asked to review up to three (3) submissions (papers and symposia) for each division or interest group that you select. The maximum number of review assignments that you could potentially receive is six (6). 

Doctoral Student Consortium


If you are a doctoral student with aspirations to research and teach in public or nonprofit management, consider applying to the Doctoral Student Professional Development Consortium of the Public and Nonprofit (PNP) Division of the Academy of Management (AoM). The Doctoral Consortium is an unparalleled opportunity to (a) get tips on finding an academic job; (b) present your existing research or proposal and obtain feedback from senior scholars; and (c) network among peers, future colleagues, and potential employers. The Doctoral Consortium takes place on Saturday, August 2, 2014.


This call is an advance call to enable you to be listed in the AoM Meeting program. If you are interested in attending the Doctoral Consortium, please consider submitting a one to three page research proposal or abstract of a research paper by February 7, 2014 by 5:00pm ET. If you have decided on a dissertation topic, submit a short synopsis of the dissertation. If you have not yet articulated a dissertation topic, briefly outline a potential research project that could be shaped into a dissertation. Doctoral students at any stage are welcome to apply to the consortium, and the consortium is especially beneficial for students who are in the dissertation proposal development stage or later. As part of the Doctoral Consortium, students will have an opportunity to present their research proposals or current projects to faculty members in the field.

To submit a proposal, please submit your proposal/abstract using the link below.


PNP Doctoral Consortium Application

If accepted, submitting your abstract to the Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs by February 7th will ensure that your name appears in the conference program as a participant in the Doctoral Consortium. Some universities, departments or other funders may require proof of participation before funding conference travel, and depending on your organization's requirements, this listing could serve as that proof.

Students accepted to participate in the Consortium must register for the conference. However, there is no additional charge to participate in the Doctoral Consortium. Slots in the Doctoral Consortium are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Please direct questions to the PNP Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs,

Chris Silvia at and Russell Hassan at



We are now on LinkedIn please join our group!


AoM 2013 News


The current discussion thread concerns the 4 critical questions raised during the AoM PNP Plenary session in Florida last week.  We would love to hear your thoughts.  You can also share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtags AoMPNP or AoM2013.


If you missed the AoM PNP Business Meeting in Florida, please access our presentation



Our first newsletter of the summer is now available


Download our customized program of PNP-related events at the AoM meeting in Florida.

Thanks to everyone that participated in voting on our new consitution!  We will be discussing this more at the meeting.  You can download a copy here.

2012 AoM Meeting


Here are our 2012 AoM Meeting slides.



All Call for Papers that have been sent through the PNP Listserv are archived and can be accessed through AoM

We encourage those making posts through our listserv to also post in AoM Connect under our group as well as under announcements on our PNP Division of Academy of Management LinkedIn page created in May 2012













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