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2015 AoM ConferenceVancouver, British Columbia Canada

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You may download a copy of the full PNP schedule: PNP AoM 2015 Vancouver, British Columbia Schedule

See what was tweeted about the PNP sessions at #aompnp

The PNP Business Meeting slides may be found here

Next Year's Theme for Anaheim is:

Making Organizations Meaningful

August 5-9, 2016

PNP AOM Outreach

Prior to the AOM Meeting in Vancouver, session participants were contacted to connect them with their session participants and the PNP team. We are hopeful that participants will keep in touch and plan future sessions together.

This year, each reviewer received a certificate of appreciation.  Their names were also mentioned in our April newsletter.

We enjoyed meeting some members personally in Vancouver and we look forward to seeing anyone we missed in Anaheim next year! 


PNP Election Results

Dear PnP members,

Thanks to everyone who voted in the elections this year, and to all of the candidates for their participation in the process.  The outcomes are as follows:

Division Program Chair: Kira Kristal Reed (Syracuse University)

Membership Committee Member: Michelle Shumate (Northwestern University)

Chair, Best Article Award Committee: Yvonne Brunetto (Southern Cross University)

Chair, Best Book Award Committee: Corrado Cuccurullo (Second University of Naples)

Chair, Best Dissertation Award Committee: Mark Hager (Arizona State University)

Please join me in offering congratulations to the successful candidates, and wishing them every success in these PnP leadership roles.

George Boyne

Past Division Chair

2014 AOM Meeting Business Meeting



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