The Research Methods Division will have a full slate of Professional Development Workshops at the 2014 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. The conference will occur August 1-5 in Philadelphia, PA. For more information, including scheduling information, please visit the Academy's conference site.
RM Division's Bylaws Successfully Updated

The RM Division has successfully updated its bylaws. Thank you all for voting on the measure and helping us successfully complete the business of the division. The Bylaws are available under the...

Updating RM Division's Bylaws

The RM Division is in the process of updating its bylaws. RM Division Members will vote on the new bylaws in the next round of elections for the division. You can download the edited and changed...

 The Measure Chest Wiki Is Re-Activated 

Access lists of measures and contribute to the measure chest at the Measure Chest Wiki. Anyone can create an account and add new measures to the Measure Chest. 

Measure Chest

AOM Conference


RMD Resouces
Our members have generously shared resources of many kinds to support your research. Please explore the following resources.

Teaching resources

Statistical, software, and data resources

Methodology sites


Methods Links

Methods Links
The Research Methods Network
RMNET is a question-and-answer network covering a range of methodological issues regarding design, measurement, and data analysis in organizational research. Questions sent to RMNET are automatically distributed to all list members, who then volunteer potential answers and send them to the RMNET address. Learn more ...
CARMA Research methods Short Courses and Workshops
CARMA, the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, is an interdisciplinary center devoted to helping faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistics. Learn more ...
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