Statistical and Software Support; Qualitative Methods; Data Sets

Statistical Resources

Here are some good sites for statistical resources.

  • Statistical resources. Michael Friendly's site with links to many programs, instructions about statistical usage, and material on the graphic display of data. 
  • This is another page of resources providing some useful information on Survey Research and issues of representative sampling.
  • Another site with links to a set of useful materials for statistica l analysis and research design is maintained by Liora Schmelkin. Note especially Bill Trochim's Knowledge Base web site. It has the best description of Regression to the Mean that I have ever seen.
  • Here is StatLib at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Here are a number of links to Structural Equations Modelling Sites: 
    • SEM-1. Maintained by Smallwaters 
    • SEM-2.Maintained by Joel West
    • SEM-3. Maintained by Ed Rigdon 
    • Read all you ever wanted to know about SEM at Jason Newsome's page. 
    • Scared of LISREL? Try this Tutorial at the University of Texas; or do a very small CFA while-u-wait at this British site.
  • Graphical Visualization -- One of my favorites!
  • Here are several links that provide access to sites with Statistical Power Analysis information and software. 
  • Missing Data and methods for dealing with it are featured at this site
  • The Progamma site contains information about a wide variety of statistical programs -- but see the general site for much, much more.
  • Internet Research Starting Points
  • Download site for COSAN, LVPLS, and other potentially useful software.
  • There is a marvellous electronic statistics text by Jan de Leeuw right here
  • On this site there is some material about Partial Least Squares (PLS) -- here (with an excellent discussion of the history and purpose of PLS. It also has some software available for downloading).
  • The problems of multilevel analysis are addressed in this UK site. And at Michigan State.
  • Latent Class Analysis is found here.
  • Meta-analysis anyone? Try this Site
  • For measurement gurus (or non-gurus) here are the APA Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing; here is the site for Item Response Models
  • For those specializing in RepGrid technologies, this site is useful 
Evaluation Research
  • Here is a very nicely organized and annotated set of links about Evaluation Research and more general Social Science Research Methods.
  • Another site with a good set of linkages.
Key Terminology for Statistics

Designing Research & Analyzing Results

Here is Forrest Young's ViSta program. This provides an interactive model for designing research and analyzing results. You can download the program in MAC or IBM forms.

Qualitative Methodologies Web Sites

Here are a number of sites where qualitative researchers and would-be qualitative researchers can get information and help:

  • Here is the link to the Association of Qualitative Research in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Here is the major English link to Qualitative Research Web Pages. Lots of good stuff there.
  • David Boje's Web Site provides the route a vast array of qualitative research sites. Just check his drop down menus and explore!
  • Here is the qualitative researchers' web ring
  • Another way into the world of qualitative research is from this North American site and there is another here. 
  • This accesses a great listing of software for textual analysis; and here is my plug for the Textual Analysis site at the University of Toronto. 
  • Here are the Web Sites for: 
    • Qualis Research Associates, the producers of Ethnograph 
    • The Center for Disease Control has two programs:
      • EZ-Text
      • Answer
      • "CDC EZ-Text" is designed for semi-structured qualitative interview data, while "AnSWR" is useful for a broader array of qualitative data (e.g., open-ended ethnographic interviews, focus groups, etc).  Both programs have special features to link qualitative data results with quantitative data.
    • Intext
    • NUD.IST
    • ResearchWare.
    All provide software for qualitative analysis
  • David Krackhardt's network analysis program is to be found at his Network Analysis Software Page 
  • Now for something almost as specialized -- a qualitative site for those interested in research on Information Sytems and here is a long message with a similar theme 
Data ... Data ... Data
  • Clicking here gets you to the world's largest archive of computerized social science data at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), located within the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan
  • The census based Social Science Data Analysis Network is here. 
  • Michigan also hosts the General Social Survey. Another incredible data source. 
  • This gets you to the Qualitative Data Archive at the University of Essex. This has lots of links to other sites as well as the archived data.
  • Afraid to get off the computer, this site is for you: The Association for Survey Computing
  • .And now for something completely different .... ! Writing those regression equations on to web pages. This sites at the Mathematical Markup Language Consortium provides information.

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